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Partner Programme - Benefits

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Are you a company selling computers, components, or do you provide services in the field of computer technology? Do you have customers who could use our services? DATARECOVERY offers a unique model of cooperation for our partners and their clients in a way that all parties involved benefit!
Data Recovery, Data Rescue: Partnership Programme Currently, the partner program joins all companies who care about their customers. Become our partner as well, and ensure your customers help in such a critical field as data loss. You will increase their loyalty and, last but not least... Your profit!
What will you get?
professional services of a market leader
a commission of 10-30% on each contract
priority handling
online service tracking
online commissions tracking
sales support materials
ability to use the logo "DATARECOVERY Service Partner"
your presentation on
service sales support and a number of other benefits
What will your customers get?
professional services of a market leader
10% discount on each contract
priority handling
online service tracking
How to become our partner?
You can find the application form here.
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» Thank you for your excellent service. I can attest that you do first-class work. « D. Sanford, SSM, Western Digital
» [100%] result of recovering data which other companies were not able to recover... « R. Rahumägi, CTO, Quelle
Kaspersky Lab FlashRecovery: Data Recovery (Data Rescue) from USB Flash, SSD, memory cards
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