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Data Recovery, Data Rescue: Contact usCall our helpline:
(+420) 777 626 682
We will recommend the most effective way to recover your lost data.
Our guarantees:
A near 100% success rate!
FREE pick-up service all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany!
FREE diagnostics!
Unique laboratory facilities, the only of their kind in Middle Europe!
NONSTOP SERVICE - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 (366) days a year!
EXPRESS SERVICE - we work NONSTOP until your order is completed!
You pay only when we successfully recover your data!
Online service tracking.
Free backup copy of saved data.
Utmost data protection; special mode for handling sensitive and secret data.
We also serve other data recovery companies!
"We recover what others can't!"
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You can find the detailed description of data recovery process here.
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» Thank you for your excellent service. I can attest that you do first-class work. « D. Sanford, SSM, Western Digital
» [100%] result of recovering data which other companies were not able to recover... « R. Rahumägi, CTO, Quelle
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